Reusable System

Contrary to the previous regulations of the Hygiene Office that no containers may be filled by guests themselves, a new packaging law has been in force since 1 January 2023, which stipulates that guests must be offered a reusable system. As our business has no more than 5 employees and is less than 80 square metres in size, we do not have to install our own reusable system, but we would like to point out that we not only accept containers you bring in yourself, but are even happy to fill them. Incidentally, we have always done this in compliance with all hygiene regulations (using a turntable shielded from the counter). We want to protect the environment and minimise the additional costs (for extra packaging) for you.

To ensure this, all whole cakes ordered are provided in a cake container and handed over in a specially designed thermal container. If you would like to use your own container, it should be brought to us a few days in advance, as not every cake can be transferred afterwards. So far, we have received most of the cake containers provided back, which is why we do not have a (costly) deposit system. After consumption, simply leave the rinsed cake container at the café (under the canopy).