Sabines cake paradise

Dear guest, welcome to our house!

A selected range of cakes to take away makes everyone's heart beat faster. A moist, soft dough and the individual flavour of each cake will win you over from the very first bite.

Whether for parties, events, weddings, birthdays or catering - chilled deliveries are also available free of charge for several cakes in the immediate vicinity. Special formats such as cakes on silver trays (ideal for buffets), in heart shapes or book shapes can also be produced with decoration.

Our offers

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Our ingredients



We prefer to use fruit from the region and favour natural baking ingredients. To counteract rising prices, we still do our own shopping so that we can benefit from special offers. Our best experiences have been with products from Kaufland, Aldi and LIDL. We even harvest some fruit ourselves or you are welcome to bring us your surplus harvest (e.g. rhubarb if you can't use that much of it).

 Or where else can you get a slice of cake for €3 or a whole cake for €32?